Goniometry of the hand, wrist and forearm

This course is aimed at hand therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, surgeons and physicians working in the field of hand pathologies.  You will be able to watch this online learning course as many times as you wish for six months from the date of purchase.

Course Cost: £22.00

Video run time: 35 minutes plus activity time

Course description

All hand therapists measure joint range of motion of the hand regularly in clinical practice to establish effectiveness of rehabilitation.  Excellence in technique ensures the results from testing can be relied upon.  This course will teach the fundamentals of perfecting technique for all movements of the thumb, fingers, wrist and forearm including the tricky movements such as pronation/supination and dart throwers movement.  All goniometric techniques are shown and described using video narrated clips and the evidence base is discussed.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module the health professional will be able to:

  • select an appropriate goniometer for the measurement of each movement of the hand
  • identify other methods of measurement of joint range of motion
  • understand the value of good technique
  • use the correct terminology for different types of movement
  • measure flexion and extension of the fingers, thumb and wrist
  • measure ulnar and radial deviation of the fingers and wrist
  • measure flexor and extensor deficits, dart throwers motion and span
  • measure pronation and supination of the forearm

Pre-requisities There are no pre-requisities but having a spare hand (!) and a variety of goniometers present while learning will enhance the experience.

Evidence of Learning

Once the course has been completed there is a quiz available.  Once the quiz has been completed, a certificate, with the result embedded, will be available for download.  The quiz can be taken more than once.

Terms and Conditions are detailed prior to purchase and available here

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