Sarah and Elaine met at Mount Vernon Hospital in 1988 where they both worked in their first hand therapy rotation, they haven’t looked back since. Elaine was promoted to senior hand therapist and Sarah moved on to a permanent hand therapy job at East Grinstead. This is when Nicola took the job at Mount Vernon and Nicola and Elaine quickly became firm friends. Elaine introduced Nicola to Sarah and the three of them became allies as they faced the challenges of developing hand therapy services in the NHS.
They ran their first course together on hand assessment in 1993 and discovered their love of teaching. Since then they have taught over 150 courses together.
All three have continued to develop their passion for hand therapy and still work clinically.
Many shared interests have meant that as well as teaching together they are good friends. Often new course ideas have been developed while hiking, gardening or sampling the delights of specialist gins!

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NES Hand Therapy Training is proud to teach BAHT validated courses helping the new generation of hand therapists acquire the skills and knowledge they need to practice competently and gain their qualification “Accredited Hand Therapist (BAHT)”.

We offer specialised online courses providing students the opportunity to gain valuable educational experience across a wide range of subjects in the hand therapy field. Education includes core topics such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy , and more.

Our on-site courses provide institutions a localised and custom tailored educational experience. We offer a wide range of courses that can be taught by our team of specialists at your location over a one or multi day period.

Nicola Goldsmith


Elaine Juzl

MSc Grad Dip Phys MCSP

Sarah Mee