BAHT Validated Courses:Introduction to Hand Therapy – Level I

23 - 25 Mar 2022

This course follows the BAHT syllabus and is aimed at all occupational therapists and physiotherapists who wish to explore the world of hand therapy.  The course covers anatomy (and we use the amazing Anatomy Glove system), hand assessment and delves into the common conditions seen.  By the end of the course, the therapist will understand the theory and have practised the skills needed to treat common problems such as reduced range of movement, oedema, stiffness and scar.

Applications are now open.  We are currently intending on running this course face to face.  Please do book for the course but do not book travel or accommodation that cannot be refunded.  If Covid measures are in place at the time, we will run this course online on a virtual platform.


Thoroughly impressed by all tutors and elements of the course, your knowledge and passion really comes across well.

Generally a fantastic course and very inspiring, lots of content over short time, thank you

Appreciated the encouragement of a clinical reasoning approach rather than rigid methods, appreciated focus on function

Course price:£500
BAHT member price:£450
There is a waiting list for places on this course.

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